Wojtek Przepiorka


Wojtek Przepiorka

Associate Professor

Utrecht University

Department of Sociology

Padualaan 14

3584 CH Utrecht



+31 30 253 8225


I am a sociologist interested in the causes and consequences of human cooperation (and the lack thereof). My involvement in this topic has taken me places intellectually and geographically.

Equipped with a comprehensive toolset of research methods, I have ventured into studying social norm dynamics, the workings of reputation mechanisms, communication in strategic interactions, intergroup relations, the interplay of moral norms and institutions, etc. Although I am primarily interested in fundamental insights into the problem of social order, my research offers relevant perspectives on processes of digital transformation and the design of institutions for open societies.

As much as I am passionate about the topic of human cooperation, I like to cooperate with others. My growing up in Switzerland with a migration background has fueled my interest in questions of cooperation, integration, communication and social norms. I thus studied sociology (with economics and computer science) at the University of Bern. In 2010 I completed my PhD at ETH Zürich (with distinction) and took up a postdoc position at Nuffield College and the Department of Sociology in Oxford.

Since 2014 I live with my family in the Netherlands. I am fortunate to work with exceptionally talented and engaged colleagues at the Department of Sociology at Utrecht University. I teach quantitative research methods, social networks, theory building, and political sociology. I supervise research master and PhD students and have been a member of administrative bodies of the department and the faculty of social and behavioral sciences.

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